from Mark to Marcos

from Mark to Marcos

Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Have to Dream

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."

Guess who is dreaming? Me.

For the past 32 months, many dreams have come and gone. One night, my life was being threatened by a siberian tiger. The following night, I was visiting a pterodactyl farm in Florida. Thankfully, each of those dreams only lasted for a night. 

However, there has been a dream that has been with me since May of 2010. On the 22nd of that May, I got off a plane and entered the country of Guatemala for the very first time. On the fourth or fifth night of that trip, I remember one of my friends praying for me and for my future in Guatemala. Towards the end of that trip, I received a letter from another friend that said "Never stop being Marcos." During those moments, I was confused why my friend prayed for a future that I would never have in Guatemala and why my other friend told me to never stop being Marcos. Didn't he know that I was about to be in the US again, where everyone knew me as Mark. Well, friend one and friend two, thank you for your prayer and your encouraging words- they have inspired me more than you know.

That trip and those friends helped create my dream- to have a future in Guatemala and never stop being Marcos. 

I am graduating college in three months. Unfortunately, that means that I have to leave a beautiful community of incredible people. Thankfully, I expect a lot of those incredible people to be in my life for quite awhile. With college coming to an end, now is the time to go live my dream; the dream that has lasted for over two and a half years. Guatemala, see you soon. 

Honestly, a lot can change in three months and I may end up working in Rochester, Nevada, or even on the pterodactyl farm in Florida. However, I am hopeful that my dream will come true and whatever does happen, I'm trusting God.
I will keep you posted as graduation gets closer and post-college plans are made. 

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